#GivingWeek 2015: GMGH Annual Charity Donation
By Got Money, Got Honey!  •  December 1, 2015
  This week is #GivingWeek. #GivingWeek is organized by the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre, but shoutout to TurtleInvestor for informing me about this so I can incorporate it into my post. #GivingWeek aims to encourage people to engage in 3 activities: Volunteering, Donating or Fundraising. Personally, I will be donating money. If you have any reservations about making a donation, perhaps knowing that there is a special SG50 300% tax deduction this year on your donations might help push you over the fence and be the encouragement you need to take action. Similar to what I did last year, I plan to donate all my blog advertisement earnings to charity, as well as match it one-for-one and top up to round up the final donation amount. The amount of AdSense earnings that I have this year is: $323.40 Add my personal donation of matching it one-for-one is: ......
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By Got Money, Got Honey!
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