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2015 Portfolio Review (Part 1): Winners and Losers
By Passive Income Farmer  •  December 24, 2015
Time flies and 2015 is ending soon.  All my tradings are done and all dividends are collected.  It is time to review my portfolio's winners and losers in 2015. Top Dividend Contributors:  1. Starhub (13.82%): - 4th telco looming, but consistent Starhub is still the top dividend contributor. 2. SGX (12.62%): - SGX has dividend payout every quarter, almost like a REIT. 3. SPH (10.88%): - Good old SPH is one of the consistent contributor to my dividend incomes. Dethroned: SPH (2014). In 2014, the top 3 dividend contributors accounted for 46% of my total dividends.  In 2015, the top 3 dividend contributors accounted for just 37% of the total dividends. So, a bit of diversification. Next, some Christmas fun and amusement. Dividend Yield Winners (龙虎榜): 1. Boustead (37.18%): - Special dividend payout (I considered the free Boustead shares as special ......
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By Passive Income Farmer
40 years old Singaporean, wanting to add more passive streams of incomes.

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