#GivingWeek 2015 Update
By Got Money, Got Honey!  •  December 25, 2015
This is the update from my previous post at the start of the month. Anyway, this is just me showing my accountability that I do what I said I'll do. I found out that the SGGives website which I used the previous year is actually closing down to make way for, which make sense since they needn't be 2 websites that essentially do the same thing. The website feels a lot more laggy though, it did take me quite a long time to browse through and finally donate. I have a friend that volunteers weekly out of pure kindness, so sometimes I feel horrible that I'm not doing anything more for society. Donating kind of feels like the least effort way of contributing. But then again, I have come across an article, which I can't find, but I roughly remember the gist of. In it, it ......
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By Got Money, Got Honey!
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