How to Handle Stock Market Crashes
By Dr Wealth  •  January 20, 2016
I must confess. I used the word ‘crashes’ in the title even though I do not view the current stock market condition as a crash. The purpose was to sensationalise it to get your attention. Jokes aside. I think these few weeks have been miserable for stock investors and some may have believed this is a crash. The downturn was pretty much unexpected as we crossed over the new year. But there will be some smarty pants who would boast about their ‘accurate’ predictions, which they have been calling an impending crash since 2010. Just keep calling it and one day you will be right.

Prediction Eases Your Anxiety About Uncertainty, It Doesn’t Increase Your Profitability

Are crashes predictable? Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) said that stock prices reflect all known information and there is no way for someone to make more money than the overall stock market returns consistently. While I do not agree in its absolute form, I believe ......
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By Dr Wealth
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