Never have I expected to write an analysis so fast after my annual analysis (Recap 2015 & Looking Ahead 2016) some less than 2 weeks ago.

FTSE STI closed 2,882.73 in 2015 and as of today (20th Jan 2016), STI closed 2,559.77, a drop of 322.96 points or 11.20% for that 13 trading days or at a rate of 24.84 points/day or 0.86%/day.  There is a sense of a 2008 deja vu.

From my perspective, STI 2,700 level is a statistical reference point as to whether Singapore economy will or will not enter technical recession.  For whole of 2015, STI did not fall below 2,700 level and we also narrowly avoided a technical recession in Q3.  However, as of now, the 2,700 level has already been breached and what is the chance of Singapore economy will not enter a technical recession 6 …