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Did Singapore Tourism Boom in 2015?
By Dr Wealth  •  January 27, 2016
Changi Airport hits record high in retail sales was on The Straits Times two days ago (25 Jan 2016). I saw the same news on MyPaper and heard it on Kiss92 FM. It almost felt like an advertisement. The first paragraph was written as such,
“Sales at Changi Airport hit a record high of $2.2 billion last year, on the back of growing passenger numbers.”
I was confused as I remembered 2015’s tourism was not significantly different from 2014, given my previous research in the hospitality sector. There was no number provided in the news article except and it was reported that,
“Passenger traffic figures are expected to be released next week.”
I am even more confused. If the passengers numbers have yet to be released, how does one know that the record sales was due to growing passenger numbers? Curious, I went to the Singapore Tourism ......
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By Dr Wealth
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