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January 2016 Portfolio Update
By Singapore Stock Investment to Financial Freedom (SSIFF)  •  January 27, 2016
Stock Name No of Shares Current Price Current Value
Keppel Corp 1000 $4.710 $4,710
Accordia Golf Trust 9000 $0.48 $4,320
NeraTel 5000 $0.595 $2,975
Total Value $12,005
This month I initiate a long position for Keppel Corporation in the first week for January. Their share price has been dropping tremendously since the oil price crisis triggered somewhere in the middle of last year. I had been looking out on Keppel Corp since last year and decided to go in at the price of $6.40 and $5.85 respectively. Initial thought that it won't be going any further down at the price of $6, but it keep on hitting all-time low at $4.64. Although, the price that I went in does not appear to be rosy at the moment as currently it is at a loss of 23.4%. I did not lose my sleep over ......
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By Singapore Stock Investment to Financial Freedom (SSIFF)

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