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Should We Use All Our CPF for Housing or Save It for Retirement?
By SG Young Investment  •  January 27, 2016
Most of us know CPF can be utilised for housing. Now comes the question if we should use all our CPF for housing? I have written a few articles on CPF before and got interested in it when a colleague shared with me how he manage to amass quite a huge sum of money in his CPF accounts by the time he was age 55. The irony was, he was not really a high income worker, earning an average of about $2k-$4k a month throughout his lifetime. He had more than $600K in his CPF accounts just before the age of 55 and he has recently just retired from work once and for all. Furthermore, he has a fully paid up HDB flat in Bishan and is still able to accumulate a significant sum in his CPF accounts. Some of us may say its impossible to have more money for ......
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By SG Young Investment
I'm in my late 20s now and living in a small island city called Singapore. I started this blog in June 2013. My background is in Engineering. Later on, I went on to pursue a degree and graduated with a Bachelor of Economics ...

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