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The CNY Effect
By Master Plan 2029  •  February 6, 2016
TODAY published a news article yesterday titled "Chinese New Year delicacies now cost up to 40% more".  You can read the article here. It is customary for food prices to go up during the Chinese New Year (CNY) season.  But 40 percent?!  Honestly, I find the price spike a little hard to stomach [pun intended]. The silver promfret, a popular fish among reunion dinners, saw its price shot up from $80 a kg to breaching the $100 mark.  Merchants attribute the reason to suppliers in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Singapore overbidding each other. And it is not just the fish.  The savoury bak kwa (barbecued pork) also saw price hikes this year, some as much as 20 percent. I love bak kwa since I was a child.  However, after reading the article about cancer being conclusively linked to red meat and grilling, ......
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By Master Plan 2029

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