Growing Your Money Is A Long Term Relationship
By Frugal Daddy. Love What You Do.  •  February 10, 2016
I still have a long way to go in investing journey but I am going to write what I have found out and planned for my family. You know what I discovered? It is extremely simple to grow money. What you want is for your money to grow from $X value to $Y value. If you insert a timeline with it, you can even work out the annualised returns or percentage. There is what made investing complicated: You see a group of investors/traders advocate investing in individuals stocks, ETFs, permanent portfolio, crowd funding and more. There are even more interesting theories such as dogs of dow/sti, trading during cd/xd, value investing, dividends investing, DCA, Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, blue chips, mid cap, small cap, and the list goes on to hundreds of strategies endorsed by various experts. You may also discovered a lot of different figures on the same investment, ......
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By Frugal Daddy. Love What You Do.

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