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The Opportunity To Invest In SMEs in Singapore
By SG Young Investment  •  March 3, 2016
Did you know that we can actually invest in SMEs (small-to-medium enterprises) in Singapore? This allows individual investors to earn attractive returns while supporting the growth of local businesses. We can invest in SMEs through debt-based crowdfunding platforms. This is where SMEs can issue bonds and everyday investors can buy the bonds and get returns on their investments.

Here's an example of a campaign that local crowdfunding platform, MoolahSense, had previously:

This was the first campaign listed under MoolahSense platform. It has paid out successfully to all investors at a rate of 9.9%. The target amount of the company was initially only $100,000 but due to popular demand, offers went up as high as $207,000.

Company: SMATHS

Smaths Consulting Pte Ltd is a boutique education centre that tailors solutions and learning needs in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Economics, with additional activity streams in adult and continuing education.

They ...
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By SG Young Investment
I'm in my late 20s now and living in a small island city called Singapore. I started this blog in June 2013. My background is in Engineering. Later on, I went on to pursue a degree and graduated with a Bachelor of Economics ...

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