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Fast Lane
By Master Plan 2029  •  March 16, 2016
Sometimes I wonder if I am so used to living on the fast lane that I am unable to appreciate life at a gradual pace.   There was one weekday morning when I boarded a bus to work.  The captain was driving at an unbearably sluggish speed, presumably because it was way ahead of its schedule.  I was fuming inside as I did not want to reach the office late.  Yet, there was little I could do. Out of the blue, an epiphany struck: Have I always been in a hurry that I am missing out the finer details around me?   I thought of my goal to achieve financial independence by year 2029 (at age 50).  Certainly, I am giving myself a lot of leeway in terms of time to hit this target.  There are financial bloggers who aim to achieve this feat by their mid thirties.  (I ......
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By Master Plan 2029

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