Why I Let My Fiancee Plan Our Wedding
By cheerful.egg  •  March 16, 2016
I’m just gonna put it out there: My fiancee is way better at planning our wedding than I am. She often tells our friends, Lionel is getting an invitation to our wedding. There will just be a big X on the floor with “STAND HERE” written in big, easy-to-read words.” Yes – I’ll be first to admit it: I am a terrible, terrible wedding planner. If you left it to me to plan my wedding, I’d have everyone gather at my place, hand out McDonald’s nuggets and potato chips (maybe some beer), say our vows, and call it a day. And after talking to friends and colleagues, I’ve realised that this is pretty normal phenomenon. For most couples, it’s usually the lady who does most of the wedding planning, and the guy helps out in the (extremely limited) ways he can.

Yes, this actually happened

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By cheerful.egg
Hey, what’s up? My name’s Lionel. When I was a kid, my favourite comic of all time was Spider-Man. Before he became a superhero, Peter Parker had to deal the day-to-day struggles of a young person: Living with foster parents, grades, bullies, and getting pushed around.

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