I just found out that the REIT symposium is being held next Saturday. Entrance fee is $10 per pax.

I went last year for the 2015 REIT Symposium. It was all right. Aircon too cold, booths not enough cute girls and some speakers were dead boring. It was interesting though, but it was not $10-interesting.

One of the things I cautioned after attending the symposium was about how the majority of the crowd took away that REITs are basically 6% fixed deposits, WHICH IS WRONG. And lo and behold, right after the symposium, REITs on a whole did really shitty and slumped almost 15%.

Phillip REIT Fund as a proxy

It was like one big travel fair where the reps from each REIT tried to sell you their company for you to buy on Monday’s trading day.

Some speakers were good, but meh I wouldn’t pay $10 to attend this …