Hey there guys, so the good news as the title implies was that I finally managed to hit the coveted SGD 1,000 mark. It certainly was a nice touch to have that. Now if only I could achieve that EVERY SINGLE month Oh well, we all got to start somewhere.

My dividends and fees received were as follows :

Keppel Corporation : SGD 770

Sembcorp Industries : SGD 480


Share borrowing & Lending Fees : SGD 36

Which gives me a grand total of SGD 1322. Obviously this was a one of thing as both of Keppel and Sembcorp just happened to payout their dividends in May. I also did receive dividends from DBS, however as I had opted for the script option instead of the cash payout, I have omitted that from the above.

Nevertheless I do strive to see if at all I could …