Self-propelled or external engine required

If you had a hobby or sport that you loved, and competence in your passion has no bearing whatsoever to your academic results or corporate climbing – that would take away playing golf for the sake of networking with your bosses – can you remember where you get your motivations?

I remember when I picked up photography just before going for NS, I never read so many books and experimented with different styles of photography – close-ups, portraits, nature, candid, nights, and architectural to name a few.

Shsssh… Wish I had that same passion when it came to my academic studies!

You know why? All the work and time I poured into photography was not “work” or for goals, milestones, nor KPIs; its just pure fun and enjoyment!

There’s this internal combustion engine inside of me pumping all the adrenaline and energy to move me forward. To borrow a phrase I’ve stolen with pride from the butterfly – I’m self-propelled.

There was no need for external catalysts or motivational speeches or “education” from others on why I need to pick up photography – and the myriad of benefits it offers.

Hollywood or for real?

You can verify it yourselves if there’s a difference between things that you do because you want to – versus those that you do so because someone else has done that thinking for you and passed it off as “advice” for you. And you’ve swallowed it line, hook, and sinker.

Let me give you some examples:

1. You took computer games development not because you like gaming, but because a recruiter or a survey sold you computer games development will be the next big thing and graduates will be highly in demand and thus well paid. (I seem to recall that’s what they say 20 years ago about computer science. How’s that turning out for you?)

2. They say an excellent ECA record will be looked at favourably during scholarship applications and talent scouting by MNCs. So you joined the “easiest” and “least time consuming” sport and/or uniform group. (Somehow I don’t think you’ll make team captain or group leader with that “passion” of yours…)

3. You learning to play the violin, was it you who bugs your parents into letting you play; or was it

another one of those numerous “Its for your own good” well-intentioned others decide for you “interests”? (Do you still play the violin as an adult or is that violin left gathering dust?)

Inspire or educate?

Does not matter if you have adopted a trader’s path or the journey of an investor.

Can you recall were you inspired to this path/journey; or were you “educated” into this arena.

OK, both inspire and educate came from outside in. But you know the difference.

Inspire is someone helping to kick-start that internal engine of yours. The running and maintenance is all you. You are likely to say, “In my humble opinion… This is what I think….”

When things go horribly wrong, you search for answers and solutions from within.

Educate is you latching yourself to the external engines of others. At forums or at blogs, you are likely to say, “Who and who says this… My guru told me…Everyone is doing it what….”

Yes, we do stand on the shoulders of giants before us – that’s humility. But if things don’t go as expected, and we start “blaming” the same persons whom we have just revered a minute ago, that’s free-loading at its best!

Warm blooded cold blooded

For those who are educators, I think you can spot quite quickly amongst your students who are “warm-blooded” and who are “cold-blooded”.

Same goes for land-owners (entrepreneurs) and shepherds (managers) for the co-workers you’ve hired.

We value those who are “automatic” right?

Have you had that face-palm moments when a co-worker acts like he/she is the boss – we must constantly inspire them and educate them on how to do their jobs?

“Company no good. No support. No training. How to do my job like that?” Sounds reasonable if you are uneducated, but with a poly diploma or degree…

“It’s my manager’s fault! He is so boring… No inspiration to do my best.” I think I’ve heard that before about our grades no good because teacher’s teaching so boring…

I think I better stop here.

The sun is shining outside. I need to go for my tan now.

Singapore Man of Leisure (welcome to my blog; just google it!)