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SRS Account to Boost Retirement Planning
By Heartland Boy  •  July 11, 2016

Supplementary Retirement Scheme (‘SRS’) Account

Unlike the previous recommendations by Heartland Boy, namely, this recommendation of utilizing the SRS Account  requires a little bit more effort. This is because this is a voluntary scheme and not a compulsory scheme such as the CPF. One has to first apply for a SRS Account with any of the 3 authorised local banks – DBS, UOB or OCBC. Nonetheless, Heartland Boy assures you that this little effort is worth your time as the SRS Account is not just a useful tool to boost your retirement planning, but also a valuable tool to minimize your tax expenses.

How the SRS Account Works

In all honesty, it is not easy to explain the workings of the SRS Account in a single ......
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By Heartland Boy
Heartland Boy is a young working adult who pretends to be competent in the real estate industry despite graduating with only a Business Management degree. Outside of work, he analyses stocks, reits and property for investment to build passive income. He is also a stickler for all things that represent value-for-money.

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