In my previous post, I alluded to my interest in developing competency in REITs analysis. However, there is quite a limited selection of reading materials that delve into the topic. For this reason, I broadened my scope and began sourcing for real estate materials in the local bookstores.

Today, I will be highlighting some of the points which I have gleaned from reading “Singapore’s Real Estate – 50 Years of Transformation.”

– The Real Estate Development Life cycle illustrates how an empty plot of land is converted into a building: (1) Land Assembly and Preparation, (2) Planning and Approval, (3) Construction and Project Management, (4) Marketing and Leasing, (5) Occupation and Use, (6) Upgrading, Renewal, Redevelopment. From there, the authors expanded what is done at each stage and by which players (e.g. government organizations, developers, etc.)

– Back then, when capital was scarce, developers recycled their …