Since my recent investing thesis on Geo Energy Resources, the share price has shot up crazily, in tandem with rising coal prices, such that I’m sitting on a nearly 100% return in just 1 month. That’s just crazy.

Here are my earlier posts, the 2nd one is also published on NextInsight:

Geo Energy Resources Investing Thesis – Part I

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I got a nice surprise when my stake was borrowed under the SGX SBL programme. It’s nice because I get a time-weighted 4% for lending out my shares. It’s pretty rare though, I think this is only the 3rd time I’ve ever had shares loaned out.

I simply cannot figure out why anyone would want to borrow my shares though, a quick check with my broker confirmed that it’s most likely to short.

Which begs 2 questions:

  1. Short Geo Energy Resources?! Seriously? You might …