2016 was a decent year comprising the following achievements:

– developed a daily yoga and meditation practice (my most prized achievement this year!)

– started practising stoicism and mindfulness (still a work in progress)

– converted from a “goals-approach” to a “systems-approach” to keeping fit and healthy (thus enabling me to exercise more and develop a healthier diet in an enjoyable and therefore, sustainable, manner)

– spent a lot of quality time with loved ones

– saved S$50,000 in liquid cash

– read up about insurance and upgraded my integrated shield plan

– overcame analysis paralysis and started investing in the STI and some local bonds

– started an Interactive Brokers account

– developed net-worth and expenses tracking systems and habits

– made some peace with working at a job (still a work in progress)

– updated my CV frequently

– finally decided to “step out of the shadows” …