I have a love-hate relationship with email.

On one hand, I love getting emails from my readers. I love your insights, your comments, and the great questions I get every week.

However with the volume of emails I get, it’s also super hard for me to carry out a decent email conversation with any given person. Email is awesome when your question can be answered with 1-2 sentences. However, it sucks when you’re looking for in-depth advice that will truly help you.

For example, I get plenty of emails from readers who ask questions like:

  • “How do I get started at investing?”
  • “How do you decide how much to allocate towards saving, housing, investing, etc?”
  • And (I kid you not): “Can you teach me how to find a beautiful girl to marry”

Questions like these don’t have easy answers. Especially that last one, because I have zero emotions and …