UnUsUalL IPO will be the next Singapore IPO for retail and institutional investors. MM2 Asia announced on 4 April 2017 that it would launch the IPO shares of its unit UnUsUaL. Some 97 million shares at $0.20 per share would be placed.

I believe UnUsUaL IPO will be the next keen IPO for Singapore retail investors right after Kimly IPO. This is because of the success of MM2 as a stock which has seen quite a good capital appreciation performance. Investors will likely deem that there is similar potential of capital appreciation if they own the stock of a unit of MM2 Asia.

The IPO of the above stock will be yet again a stock of a new breed on SGX. I welcome this as it will add to the breadth and variety of Singapore stocks in a small stocks market like Singapore. Going forward, I hope SGX …