Last week, my wife and I flew into Athens airport where we were connecting to another flight to Santorini. We planned a 2-hour connection window – usually more than enough time – but our inbound flight into Athens was late. Uh-oh.

To make matters worse, we ran into a yuuuuuuge queue at immigration. There were just 2 counters open for 500 passengers. We stood in line, checking our watches every few minutes, mentally WILLING the queue to move faster so we wouldn’t miss our flight.

Gah. Nothing feels worse than knowing you have absolutely no control over a stressful situation.

Sometimes, that’s what it feels like when it comes to investing, right?

Investing Can Be Stressful

First, we have to deal with the stress and boredom of researching our investments. ETFs? P/E ratios? Dividends? Most of us have better things to do, and struggling through yet another investing book is about as fun as Chinese …