In my post yesterday, made before the stocks markets opened, I commented that “it is not a matter of whether but a matter of when” for the resistance of Moya Asia stock at $0.115 to be cleared. True enough, Moya Asia stock broke through this very resistance yesterday to reach an intra-day high of $0.124 and closed a tad lower at $0.12 yesterday.

This stock has come very far ever since Singapore Stocks Investing initiated coverage for it while it was trading at $0.068, hence it has been a two-bagger. Trace earlier to Q3 2016, Moya Asia is easily more than a three-bagger.

So what is next for Moya Asia stock? Well, I believe there might be some profit-taking for this stock though good fundamentals should continue to drive the stock further and its price higher. I have a personal price target of $0.13 at …