WOW. You guys are awesome.

After last week’s post “Is Your Work A Necessary Evil?”, you sent me dozens of long, well-written answers to my questions. THIS IS WHY I LOVE HAVING A BLOG.

But today’s post isn’t about financial freedom. Instead, I wrote this post because I found a fascinating invisible script among some answers I received this week. See if you can spot it:

  • “A meaningful job might not pay as well. If (I take up a meaningful job), I would have to make significant adjustments to my current lifestyle.” 
  • “Maybe you want a fulfilling job; would you take a risk and quit your stable job in hopes of finding a better one?” 
  • “Your “purposeful” work may not always reap financial benefits. If you are running low on cash or have little reserves, you may have to put (purposeful work) aside and do “financially rewarding” …