Time flies and it is time for Mid year review again on the goals that I have set for the year 2017.

1. Achieve 15K of Passive Income

I think I am over optimistic on this. Last year, I received a total of S$10,132.04 of dividend income for the year of 2016. I have since divested M1, Sheng Siong, Cambridge Industrial Trust, NeraTel and Far East Hospitality Trust and only bought Capitaland Mall Trust in 2017.

Recently, I bought Tai Sin Electric but added to my wife’s stock portfolio instead thus I shall not count it as part of my dividend income.

Sell Transactions

Goodbye M1

Goodbye Cambridge Industrial Trust

NeraTel – An Abandoned Child

Far East Hospitality Trust Undervalued or Value Trap?

Buy Transactions

My Personal Analysis of Capitaland Mall Trust

2. Travel to at least 2 countries

I took a short break to Batam (Indonesia) this year. …