Don’t you just hate it when you hear lame, generic advice that everybody knows? You know what I’m talking about: “Just eat less and exercise more!” “Make sure you leave work on time!”

Or my personal favourite: “Spend less than you earn!”

Ohhhhh man. One of the reasons why I stopped reading personal finance books is because they all offer some version of this lame advice. They’ll tell you to cut back on lattes avocado toast, buy toothpaste in bulk, and generally put on a sackcloth and live like a homeless person so you can retire in 20 years.

But nobody ever talks about how it feels when it’s impossible to save up for something we REALLY want.

Here’s an example:

My $150,000 Dream

In August 2010, I was feeling depressed. I had just finished 4 years of college overseas, and I had to come back to …