We all have our “money awakening” at different points in our lives.

And we can be awaken for different reasons.

When we are awaken, we want to see how best we can optimize our current situation. And one of the questions asked is “what can we cut?”

And it often leads to “we spend a lot on food”

The following is a trigger list of spending that goes into forming your Personal Cash Flow Statement for a family of 2:

personal cash flow statement

There are daily meals, and entertainment meals and groceries. It could make up $1020/mth or 36% of their total monthly expense.

Your big expenses relates to:

  1. food
  2. dwelling
  3. vacation
  4. insurance
  5. transportation (for some with cars)

If you optimize some of them, you could squeeze something out.

However, it should be noted that working smart …