Before we start: I’m experimenting with short, tactical and specific posts like these with nuggets of practical tips. They’re easier to write than my longer strategic (rambling?) posts, but may not necessarily apply to everyone. I’ll likely end up doing a mix of both, but let me know what you think!


Everyone knows that if you want to fly on Suites or Business Class without shelling out thousands of dollars, you need to earn miles. And to earn miles, you need an airmiles credit card… right?

I’ve talked previously about how airmiles cards like the Citibank Premiermiles card or the UOB PRVI miles card are great ways to accumulate miles, especially if you travel. But lots of people don’t want to sign up for a new credit card, so they automatically assume that they’re out of the miles game.

But here’s the deal: You don’t actually need (Read more…)