It is a slow Saturday and I ran out of topics that are short enough to write about.

So I thought I will help you guys answer some questions.

A reader sent in one question in response to my article on the range of returns you may be able to get for your insurance endowment plans.

He was asking me whether should he continue the policy till maturity or surrender the policy.

The PRUFlexiCash Endowment Plan

In 2010, he bought the plan PRUFlexiCash and paid a premium of $73/mth ($876/yr).

The tenure of this plan is 25 years.

On top of this, he is paying $3.22/mth for a rider to supplement the main plan’s protection (which is against Death, Terminal Illness, Total Permanent Disability)

PRUFlexiCash is an insurance endowment plan with cash back feature.

This means that after the 2nd policy year, you can get yearly cash back