What am I not doing financially?

Life in your 20s and 30s can be a financial mess. Late night partying and long hours at work (rinse and repeat) immediately after coming out into the working world.

On the weekends, you ponder… What other Singaporeans are doing with their financial lives and what are the key areas you should probably look at.

5 important checklist items  Sort out your money accounts Get basic insurance plans Understand and start basic passive investing Work towards a first financial milestone Join a free community to learn together

1) Sort out your accounts

This is extremely crucial and it follows the ‘pay-yourself-first’ principle. A proven method to limit you from overspending and essentially build up your savings over time. You can set this once and let it run on its own over time. (Recommended baseline % benchmarks)

Savings (20%) Spending (50%) Where you limit