Our Singapore stock exchange (SGX) offers more than 700 stocks in total. The Singapore Stock Exchange, SGX

These 700+ Singapore stocks consist of blue chips, dividend stocks, growth stocks, value stocks, penny stocks etc. So, where do investors start from?

Some of the key screening criterias investors use to categorise stocks include dividend yield, price to earning (P/E) ratio, sharebuy back and more.

Here, we’ve compiled a top SGX stock list (non-exhaustive) according the various criterias for your reference.

Top Dividend Yield

High dividend stocks in Singapore are generally attractive as we are not required to pay for our capital/dividend gains. If the portfolio gets big enough, we may eventually be able to replace our active income which is taxable with one that isn’t. However, investors should not just simply buy stocks that provide that highest yields, simply because the total returns for stocks do not just consist of dividend …