Let’s face it.

Successful investing is no easy task, it’s an accumulation of several different knowledge & skills: you need to master business analysis, market sentiment, economics, fundamental analysis, and well the language of business – accounting.

Bottom line? If you want to pick winning stocks consistently, you got to spend 10,000 hours + lucks + expensive experiences

Today, you are going to learn how a revolutionary investing strategy can reduce your investment risks, and make you market-beating returns without the above.

Here’s how: The Complete Guide To Factor-Based Investing.

We spent more than 45 hours putting this 10,500+ words guide together. And over here you’ll learn:

Chapter #1. What Is Factor-Based Investing All About?

*The Father of Value Investing and His Descendants
*Not Warren Buffett’s Brand of Investing
*Value Investing Proven By Research

Chapter #3. The CNAV Strategy
*Step. 1 Determining the Conservative Net …