I’ve been raving about Wongamania being one of the best board games for learning about personal finance since 2015, so when my good friend Xeo invited me to try out their newest game, Debtzilla, I agreed in a heartbeat.

Unlike Wongamania where you pit yourself against the other players to win, Debtzilla requires you to work together for the benefit of everyone. You either win as a team, or lose together.

In today’s day and age of consumerism and a rising occurrence of financial scams, this game could not be more relevant.

The Gameplay

The game premise is a little more complex than Wongamania, but not too difficult to understand either. You take on the role of a hero and race against time to bring down the villains before the law of compounding debt interest destroys the world. 

By day, you’re an ordinary citizen who needs to work, …