Portfolio Update – September 2017
By KPO and CZM  •  October 1, 2017
Our portfolio grew by 0.58% to $268,305 - $3,263.93 of capital injection which was partially offset by market moving against us, -$1,723.93! At one glance, the decrease can be mainly attributed to Soilbuild REIT (-$750), Guocoland (-$720) and Capitaland (-$560).

- Lippo Malls Trust (4,000 units) @ $0.44 (PnL: $611.81)

Lippo Malls Trust is one of my "legacy" stocks which I have been holding for about 3 years (first purchased on 27-05-2014, back in my university days). If I remembered correctly, I bought it because it had a high dividend yield. lol. Anyway, Heartland Boy wrote an excellent piece on what is going to happen to it - Why Heartland Boy Sold Off Lippo REIT. In short, income support will be ending/ended + negative retail rental reversion will result in DPU dropping and the price will follow suit.

Looking at the above "Closed Details" computed by StocksCafe, the annualized gain is 11.9%. Not too...
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By KPO and CZM
I am Ong and my fiancee (Chan Zui Mao a.k.a CMZ) calls me a Kiam Pok (i.e. stingy/thrifty depending on how you look at it). Hence, the nickname KPO (Kiam Pok Ong). We have decided to name the blog KPO because I have proposed to CMZ successfully and she is officially a KPO too. The purpose of the blog is to list down all the money-saving tips, our investment/journey to financial freedom and to document my life with CZM.

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