Nope. Not going to tell you what to believe.

If you game for a simple exercise to test your conviction on Buy and Hold, do read on…

Have you bought an Investment Linked Policy before?

Your conviction on the suitability of the product for you must be strong, if not you would not have bought it, wouldn’t you?

Fast forward to today when you are more financially literate.


Almost all the hobbyist bloggers honest enough to admit they were dumb enough to buy ILPs have cancelled their policies. Even at a loss.

Yes, ILPs are that toxic…


You have not bought ILPs before? Cannot relate?

I try again.

Think of something you were so damn sure before. Anything.

Then you had a big epiphany that you were taken for a fool all along… That epiphany “maciam” like believing the Sun revolves round the Earth and finding out it isn’t so!

Now I ask you.

Your belief and conviction on Buy and Hold, was it based on your own track record?

Or was it based on your own research and self discovery?

Not likely right?

Can you remember who sold that idea to you?

Go back and ask that person whether he willing to sign a written guarantee to make you whole again if Buy and Hold results in a financial loss for you after 30 years?

He wouldn’t dare, would he? Unless he is 70 years old. Wink.

Ask yourself why you so confident about Buy and Hold will make money in the long run when the person who sold you that idea isn’t so convinced himself?

P.S.  Special thanks to Keith of Investment Moats for allowing me to “steal with pride” the above picture from his post at BIGS World where he is also the admin.

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