A joint-venture (JV) between Keppel Corporation and KBS Pacific Advisors is seeking to raise $448mil in a Singapore initial public offering of Keppel-KBS US REIT (KKREIT).

This post first appeared on ProButterfly.com on 31-Oct-2017 and also on InvestingNote. It was written by our veteran community member, Tam Ging Wien, author of REITs to Riches: Everything You Need to Know About Investing Profitably in REITs.

The KKREIT is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) which draws rental income from 11 office properties across 7 major US cities including Seattle, Austin, Houston and Atlanta. The assets are a mix of prime and sub-urban office spaces.

At the time of writing, KKREIT has just lodged a preliminary prospectus for a listing on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) mainboard. There is a total of 262,772,400 (262.77mil) units on offer at a price of US$0.88 per unit. The IPO and trading of the units will be denominated in USD.

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