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What Are The Signs That A Person Will Be Wealthy In The Future?
By Seedly  •  November 14, 2017
Wealth: Deconstructing a complex subject

In the course of interacting with our Singapore Personal Finance community, we realise that one of the most important benchmarks that many people have is most often – wealth. More specifically, the current lack thereof and the perennial question on ‘How do I become wealthy?’.

While there is obviously no one clear path to ‘wealth’, there are certain traits that are seen in most self-made wealthy people. These indicators are based on research and studies which I will also quote in the article below. At the end of the article, we will share 3 ways recommended by our community to begin on your path to get better financially.

TL;DR: Here are the 3 key traits Delayed Gratification: Having the ability to be patient and practice Long-term thinking opposed to short-term gains. Avoiding Groupthink: Having a contrarian mindset and adopting the first-principle approach to problem-solving. Determination: Hustling to...
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By Seedly
Launched in 2016, Seedly helps users make smarter financial decisions with its budgeting app which allows its 40,000 users to sync up their financial accounts and better manage their cash-flow. Last year, we introduced a new community feature which allows users to crowdsource knowledge from peers before making a financial decision.

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