We’ve been working hard the past few months to increase the range of products on our online store.

As you know, you can already purchase ebooks through our store. Right now, we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded it to include video courses as well.

Say goodbye to old, traditional offline courses that can cost a bomb. With our technology, you will now be able to learn at your own pace, engage with your instructor in real-time, anytime and become a better investor.

Having said that, @BrennenPak has created 2 exclusive courses to impart his knowledge, experience and skills. If you don’t already know who Brennen Pak is, he retired at the age of 46 after attaining financial freedom, as an investor.

To date, he owns many stocks with multi-baggers including two stocks that were taken private, earning him a 6-figure sum each. Sitting on a 7-figure portfolio with a huge unrealized profit, he …