Seafood restaurant chain and brewery business group – No Signboard Holdings is seeking a Catalist listing to raise up to $35mil. Based on preliminary information, this could potentially value the company at approximately $130mil.

This post first appeared on on 13-Nov-2017 and also on InvestingNote. It was written by our veteran community member, Tam Ging Wien, author of REITs to Riches: Everything You Need to Know About Investing Profitably in REITs.

Based on information available, ProButterfly understands that No Signboard Holdings is currently in the book building exercise phase to place out its shares.

ProButtefly understands that No Signboard Holdings is targeting a listing by 30-Nov-2017.

The deal size is for 125mil shares at a price range of 23c to 28c per share. This would place its total raised to anywhere in the range of $28.75mil to $35.0mil.

There will be a total of 462,392,475 shares post-invitation with an approximate free float of 27% post-listing. The