Angels exists among us.

You could be one. You could be an angel to a local startup.

And you could be rewarded if the startup becomes big.

But should you become an angel investor?

Are there enough options for you? What are the risks you need to bear? And, would you need to spend time nurturing your startups?

If you have at least $500,000 set aside for investing and wish to support local entrepreneurs, read this article because we answer all the questions above and more in today’s article.

Unlike most of our guide, this guide is structured more like a Q&A answering the frequently asked questions about Angel Investing in Singapore:

Angel Investing Guide Reveals:

The Fundamentals of Angel Investing

What is Angel Investing?

Why is Angel Investing Important?

How is Angel Investing different from other Private Investments?

The Current Trend in Angel Investing

The increasing focus on …