We just had our last workshop of the year…and all seats were filled!

The workshop was specifically about Value Momentum as an investing strategy, presented by Alison Liew aka the man behind the popular financial blog, Heartlandboy.com. It’s a hybrid strategy which uses a hybrid mix of both Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis.

During the workshop, Alison showed his vital 8 criteria to make his investing decisions.

Including the 8th criteria, which was Technical Analysis.

There was also a quick, succinct run-through of the CIMB Securities platform done by the platform experts.

The support from our community made it a full-house event at CIMB Securities.

We noticed that our community also really liked to take photos and learn!

We’d like to thank everyone in our community that was present for the kind support for all the workshops in our series this year, Alison for having …