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Can Investing/Trading Be Taught?
By Singapore Man of Leisure  •  November 29, 2017
Of course can! That's because you've asked the "wrong" question, silly! Look, if you have not learned financial accounting or business finance in school, of course I can teach you how to do fundamental analysis - look at numbers that sort of thing. And by calling it Value Investing, I can charge you even more by swapping old wine into new bottle! Same for technical analysis. If you want to learn Candlesticks, I can teach you Candlesticks. If you prefer the more esoteric like Elliot Wave, I can teach you Elliot Wave too. What's so difficult? But that's not the real reason you asking, right? You are asking can we get RICH by investing or trading? Ah! That's a more intellectually stimulating question! Now not so easy to answer... But then again, we all knew the answer already. Whether we want to admit it is another question... Just look at your class reunions. Schools teach you how to read, write, and count. Will you send your children to a school that "promises" your child will be a millionaire after they graduate?
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By Singapore Man of Leisure

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