Since October, the STI ETF has increase 1.85% in performance. Similarly, my time weighted returns have increased by 2.33% to 13.66%, since G3B holds around 25% of my portfolio. I don’t know if it’s because of the bull market, but Keong Hong and Tat Seng Packaging are slowly revealing their intrinsic value, with both stocks rising very much in the past month as compared to my other REITs holding and ComfortDelgro. The returns are 23.42% and 9.73% respectively, and they rose much faster than I’ve expected them to, considering that I was prepared to hold them for a much longer period of time.

But would I sell them now? No. I believe that they are still undervalued, but perhaps no longer attractively priced. As their price rises, margin of safety also narrows, and thus, there is unlikely a chance that I would add on to my positions.

I’ve also been