Heyyyy it’s yo boy L-dawg, the financial blogger who doesn’t really write financial blogposts. (go figure)

Today I decided to switch it up and actually write something money-related, because a bunch of y’all have been emailing me to ask abouuuuuttttt… REIT ETFs! (woot woot!)

This particular post is a little more technical than my usual ramblings, so if you don’t care very much about REIT ETFs, or if you’re already investing like a boss, don’t even worry about it. This is for the bunch of you who’re wondering if you should plonk your money into the REIT ETFs that have been popping up in Singapore this year like salted egg potato chips.

(Again, don’t take this as investment advice, don’t make decisions based on what some dude said on the internet, yadda yadda)

What The Heck Are REIT ETFs?

REIT ETFs are investments that let you invest into Real …