Hi Everyone!
We’re launching a new subscription service as a part of our Investors’ Marketplace, called Charting to Profits – High Probability Trades.

Created by @ongbeeheng, who is a technical analysis specialist and a veteran remisier from UOB Kay Hian with more than 10 years of trading experience.

With this subscription, you will…
✔ Find The Best Stocks Weekly To Trade By Identifying And Cherry Picking The Best Stocks
✔ Reduce Your Time And Effort To Screen Stocks And Opportunities
✔ Maximize Your Trading Returns Consistently
✔ Know How The STI Is Expected To Perform
✔ Acquire Bee Heng As A Mentor
…and the list goes on!

When you subscribe to this service, you will also automatically be in a private discussion group with Bee Heng as your provider who will keep you updated.

This service is exclusively available only on InvestingNote.

New Launch Special Promo
This subscription is only going for $39.20/month and you will lock in all