Oh, UOB. You are such a hard-to-understand entity. (That’s about the extent of my rhyming prowess. I’m a blogger, not a poet).

On one hand, you provide such fantastic credit cards to earn miles, like your UOB PRVI Miles World Mastercard, and the UOB Preferred Platinum Visa card. On the other hand, you resort to such sneaky little tactics to try and pull one over on your cardmembers.

Case in point: Here is a screenshot of my credit card statement on my UOB Mighty app:


Nothing much to see here, just a couple of transactions and a GIRO payment.

But wait! Clicking over to the desktop version of my credit card statement, I spy an entry that wasn’t reflected on my mobile app:


Ah hah! It’s the dreaded credit card annual fee in the form of 6,000 UNI$, which UOB had quietly deducted from my account without reflecting it …