Start-up companies prove that starting small is just the first step to success.

A start-up is a company that is just at its formative years. It usually runs on finance or funding by a handful of investors also known as Angel Investor. Without much of a history and name in the business industry and equipped only with their unique goals, start-ups find it hard to look for funding.

However, just this 2017, start-up companies in Singapore have really changed the game. According to a database by Tech in Asia, Southeast Asia’s tech firms saw a record US$8.6 billion in disclosed funding.

This completely overtook last year’s US$2.6 billion. This gives hope to the rest of those aspiring business groups waiting for their shot.

So without further ado, here are the 10 well-funded start-ups that make Singaporeans proud:

  1. Grab

The first in our list is under the …