What is CPF?

Interest Rates

What is CPF Special Account?

What are the features of CPF Special Account?​​​​

What are the uses of CPF Special Account?

How to get the most out of Singapore CPF

Advantages of Placing More Money in CPF Special Account

  1. Guaranteed Absolute Return
  2. Inflation-proof Interest Rate
  3. Away from Creditors

Disadvantages of Transferring Money from Ordinary Account to Special Account

  1. No Tax Relief
  2. It is Permanent
  3. Withdrawal Requirement

Ordinary Account to Special Account Savings Transfer Calculator​​​​

At the end of the day, what we want most is to feel secured; most especially after working hard all our lives.

We want to make sure that we’ve saved enough– or even more– to assist us when certain financial needs arise. That is why it is necessary for us to have funds we can use after we have reached the age of …