Men have a lot to learn from women!

Women intuitively know how to focus on their strengths:

Got hair; toss their hair back or slide their hair with finger behind back of ear.

Got shoulders; show shoulders with halter tops or spaghetti straps.

Got bosoms; reveal cleavage or wear T-shirts meant for kids.

Got wasp waists; skinny jeans and tube tops.

Got miles of legs; short skirts and hot pants.

What do men do?

Comb overs. I mean you are drawing even more unwanted attention to your bald patch… Who’s kidding who?

And when I were in Secondary 2, there’s a male history teacher who wore platforms (3 inches high) and covered them with bell bottoms that were practically sweeping the floor… Yes, he appeared taller, but he looked ridiculous too!

Next time you’re bored on the MRT and your smartphone’s battery went dead, just have a bit of fun with people watching. Verify what I’ve said is true or not.

But there’s one arena where men are as good as women when it comes to peacocking their strengths. Wink.

Yup, its the so called “financial freedom seeking” community.

Here, its got percentages show percentages. Got money in 7 digits show the full 7 digits.

And where people who can’t afford property investing (yet) gather. (Ouch!)

Yes, property investing here meant 2nd or more investment/rental properties other than the one you living in.

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